What's In The Box? #WhatsInTheBoxROC

Ok guy's, we have been working really hard on building up the brand and coming up with new ways to get all of the talented people that we promote an even bigger platform for the world to see them showcase their talents on! This latest project that we have came up with just might have done the trick! @mylifeisdel and @imtokyojai are on the frontline with this one! We are sending a very unique press kit to Roc Nation and we want the people to guess what inside of this press kit box! They get three tries and a chance to win some $$$!!!

Click the jump to see the first episode of "What's In The Box?"

So far NOBODY has guessed what is actually inside of the box and we hope that the good people at the ROC get a chance to let the world know what's in it! If everything goes according to plan we are looking towards doing a huge reveal on The Ellen DeGeneres Show!!! It's a long shot but we are putting it into the universe anyway!!! Stay tuned for more updates on the box!!!


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