Young Paris of Roc Nation

So it seems as if we have been under a rock for quite sometime because we usually can keep up with every fire record that is put out by innovative musicians that have enough talent to help keep the culture alive, but we must admit that we have been slacking when it comes to the amazing music that Young Paris has been putting out! The first record that I checked out from him was "You Alright Yeah?" Remix which I don't think is on his Afro Beats album but it is FIRE!!! The next record that I checked out was "China", that record is on the album and its is a banger also!

I have to admit, we did further research and found out that not only is he a performer but he also holds the title of a music producer, a song writer, and he has also done work as an artistic director. Young Paris is the prime example of an artist with the full package and a team that will continue to keep him a success including Next Model Management, Empire Digital Distribution, and Roc Nation! Check out a few of the links below for more on Young Paris!

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-Winnerzo News


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