#STLChallenge Top 10!

Last Friday a few STL MC's decided to start up the latest viral trend in St.Louis, the #STLChallenge! This challenge basically consists of each MC picking a beat and spitting their best bars for up to 1:00. This challenge has been very impressive so far so we wanted to give you our top 10 favorites so far! Check out the List below!

10. Coming in at #10 is Yung Lili. She changed up the rules and gave us a smooth R&B melody over Chingy's "Pulling Me Back". A few of us feel like she should of been TOP 5 but it was a tough deciding who would even make the list.

9. Coming in at #9 is Bruhman. His flow over T.I.'s "ASAP" was flawless, check it out below!

8. At #8 we have Neph the Villain. Neph is one of those MC's that St.Louis is lucky to have. His delivery was nice and he had some incredible bars! Check out his challenge below!

7. We have @SophistiThug coming in at #7. The beat he picked is CRAZY and he had an official flow to follow up with it, he's "Kinda Jordan in 93". Check out his Challenge below!

SophistiThug's #STLChallenge

6. Coming in at #6 is Tokyo Jai. Tokyo has been busy with promoting the Winnerzo brand in every way possible but he made time for this challenge! Some say his verse was very "Humbling" to a few people and we can definitely agree. Especially the line about paying for.......well just check his video below! lol

5. Coming in at #5 is the very dope Q Hall. He was amongst the few to pick a classic Roc-A-Fella beat and do it better than the original artist! Not to mention that he did this all while wearing what looks like a safety vest, bruh. COLD! check it out below!

4. Coming in at #4 is A Game. If you have been a fan of A-Game you know that he always delivers a quality product and he did just that with this challenge. Check out his video below!

3. We have MVPGO coming in at #3. MVP has been tearing up the battle scene and he decided to bring some of those fire bars into the challenge! He also warned any other cities that if they tried to start their own challenge that he would go into "FULL BATTLE MODE"! Safe to say nobody was that crazy, haha! Check out his flow over Nelly's #1 below!

2. Coming in at #2 is Bryant Stewart. It took a while for B.Stew to drop his challenge but when he did he left everyone satisfied. He spit his bars over Fat Joe's classic "I Don't Wanna Be a Player" and even gave us a small harmony at the end. Check out his challenge below.

1. Coming in at our #1 spot is Fresh Nova. Fresh won by a long shot! From his beat selection to his flow, everything was beyond dope. He gave us bar after bar and soon he will be giving us a new project! Check out his video below!


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