Twins Takeover: Food & Fashion

Happy New Year! This year we will try to be more consistent with our post. We have all been really focused on doing alot of ground work to keep the (Winnerz o) brand ahead. We have also came across a few other creative minds in the process, two in particular that just so happen to be twins! Check out Melina and Alana's new Food & Fashion blog "Twins Takeover".

-WzC News

 Hello luvs! My name is Alana, but if you ask my sister she might tell you otherwise. For some reason unknown to me, Melina coined the nickname Alanzo and it has stuck ever since. I am a high-spirited, vivacious 26 year old, currently living in St. Louis, MO with my two favorite people in life; my twin and fellow blogger, Melina and my fiancĂ© Ivan Malpica. I have developed a mild obsession for trying and experiencing new things. I’m all about new experiences and adventures. It’s become a running joke in our household, but hey in my opinion it makes for an interesting blog. In my spare time if I’m not cooking or working out you can probably find me scouring the mall/online shopping, and diving into all the latest fashions. The passion for fashion is real ya’ll. I am an avid cooker and baker and I don’t mean to brag, but my sister and I have become pretty damn good at it. Savory, sweet, healthy, you name it we can make it. You can thank our mom for this.

What’s up guys I’m Melina. My friends call me Melon, but you can call me whatever your little heart desires. I cook a lot, swear a lot, and shop a lot. All qualities I have finally found in a male counterpart or better known as my boyfriend. His name is Matt and he is the love of my life. I am also 26 years old (hence the twin thing) and currently living in STL with Alanzo and Ivanji. I hope to move out and get my own life eventually, but hey…lets take things one step at a time. Food and fashion have been my passions ever since I can remember. There’s nothing I love more than cooking and baking for friends and family. I tend to be a little obsessive and a perfectionist at times, but I mean at least my shit’s good. Not only do I obsess over food, but I obsess over clothes. Straight up: I love fashion. If I’m not scouring Instagram for new looks, then I am either googling outfits I “need”, researching trends, or writing down potential outfit ideas (literally have notebook pages ripped out and floating in my purse…its becoming a problem).


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